Positive solutions that have an impact and make a difference

Paul takes your systems further...

Paul Bosworth offers custom and unique embedded electronic solutions that translate business data into valuable business information.

Paul has an existing range of text-embedded-video translators for CCTV systems allowing for accurate real-life and play-back monitoring of Point of Sale transactions.

With a track record that spans over ten years and over 3000 units in the field, Paul is able to assist with solutions for analogue and IP environments.

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Kirstin helps YOU find the best YOU...

Kirstin Bosworth has been working with business dreamers, entrepreneurs, owners and teams for over twenty years... by starting a conversation: What do YOU want to do better?

Kirstin challenges thinking, processes and systems.

efficiently: to do more with less resources (like time and money)

Driven by genuine care, Kirstin explores ways with YOU so that YOU may work more efficiently AND with more information so that YOU can knowledgeable decisions.

educate: to bring out the best potential within

Kirstin is able to successfully educate relevant SOFT SKILLS for the modern world...

  • Business Ethics
  • Body Language
  • Leadership
  • Negotiation
  • Powerful Presentations

Kirstin increases PRODUCTIVITY through efficiency training in Microsoft application skills...

Kirstin creates templates and automated programs that are effective and efficient business SYSTEMS AND SOLUTIONS

Contact Kirstin today for a solution that leads to a solution that leads to your dreams coming true!